Dip Powder for Manicure ( Nude Color Collection), Natural Dip, Glamorous DIY Dipping Nails by COHO



❤️The Color you see in the picture is the same color on your fingers under the outdoor light.❤️

Our dip powder made with the best quality and finished (we recommend) in the UV&LED base and top gel to create the best shiny and beautiful nails.
Here is the link for video of dip manicure https://hopeusonline.com/blogs/coho-dipping-powder-manicure/coho-dipping-powder-manicure
Step 1: Apply dip base coat then dipping the finger into clear powder
Step 2: Apply dip base coat then 1st dipping color powder
Step 3: Apply dip base coat then 2nd dipping color powder
Step 4: Apply dip base coat then dipping clear powder (if needed)
Step 5: Apply activator to set the powder dried and hardened then filing and smoothing
Step 6: Apply UV&LED base coat, curing under UV&LED lamp about 1 minutes.
Step 7: Apply UV&LED top coat, curing under UV&LED lamp about 1 minutes.
***Notes: (1) first clear powder coat protect your real nail beds, the second clear powder coat to protect your colors from lost during using drilling step, you don’t need this second coat if you are professional to use drill machine, also second clear coat need to keep sparkling colors look more beautiful and more bling bling than no clear coat. (2) if you are allergic to UV&LED gel, you can use dip top coat to finish the dip nail process like original process.

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