Nail Dip Powder, Steel Grey-D133



✔ THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF DIP & UV/LED GEL : our dip powder made with the best quality and finished in the UV&LED base and top gel to create the best shiny and beautiful nails.

Here is the link for the video how to do COHO Dipping Powder Manicure:
✔OUTSTANDING BEAUTY OF COHO DIP POWDER: we care much about the beauty, attractive nails to others around. We made DIY videos from professional nail techs with salon experience to help all our customers be able to do their own DIY at home.
✔NATURAL STYLE: the combination of dip and UV/LED gel will enhance your nails either overlay or extension fake nails. With our experience in dip powder, we ask for the right fine level of the powder manufacturing to create natural beauty.
✔THE GLAMOROUS DIY NAILS EVER EXPERIENCE: DIY nails are our goals to get loyalty customers, easy to do it by yourself and explore our dip products for your beauty and experience.
Step 1: Apply dip base coat then dipping the finger into clear powder
Step 2: Apply dip base coat then 1st dipping color powder
Step 3: Apply dip base coat then 2nd dipping color powder
Step 4: Apply dip base coat then dipping clear powder (if needed)
Step 5: Apply activator to set the powder dried and hardened then filing and smoothing
Step 6: Apply UV&LED base coat, curing under UV&LED lamp about 1 minutes.
Step 7: Apply UV&LED top coat, curing under UV&LED lamp about 1 minutes.